Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A day of growth as a team.


"Today was the third day of VBS. Before the lesson, we played several games of volleyball and Baby in the Air, and the kids made small shields for their craft. We had to set up the volleyball net, and it was so knotted that it took us about fifteen minutes to disentangle it. We then sang the Spanish songs that we learned yesterday. Gabrielle, Laura, Mrs. Boyajian, and Mrs. Sallard were the leaders for today's lesson, and their theme was faith.  The superhero for the day was Captain America, since he had faith in his team while completing his missions (hence the shield craft). The Bible character of the day was David, and they discussed how he had faith in God during his fight with Goliath.  They also had a small skit of the fight.  Joe played Goliath and one of the kids from the ranch played David.  After VBS finished for the day, we had a small snack and played some more volleyball for another hour or so.  We then took down the volleyball net and had lunch.  We ate bacon (heaven came down and glory filled my soul) in a spicy jalapeño sauce with rice and tortillas.  They also served cinnamon rice milk, which sounds odd but was actually quite tasty.  We have been hanging out since lunch; I messed around on the guitar a little bit and then took a much-needed nap.  Right now the leaders of tomorrow's lesson are practicing their skit, so every time I look up, either Elisabeth is playing dead on the floor or Brianna looks like she is about to land in my lap.  However, things like that are pretty much normal at this point, so I will leave you with that encouraging note regarding our sanity."


"As we start to wind down our VBS here at Camichines, it seems to be more and more evident the witness we brought, and are still bringing, to these kids.  Each day the line of kids that had memorized their verses grows longer as does the participation in the singing and lessons. Even the corner, where the cool guys hang out, was doing the hand motions and singing to the songs.  To see that was encouraging.  The theme for today was faith.  Everything we did, in some way, reflected that theme.   For example, in volleyball, we had to learn to trust each other to get the ball and to do what was needed to win.  Gabrielle, Laura, Mrs. Sallard, and Mrs. Boyajian lead this day's lesson, and it went very well.  They, at first, talked about Captain America and how had faith in his companions to always help him.  Then they talked about a small boy, who had faith in God, to be his help.  The small boy was David of the Bible.  The children were very much into the story, answering questions and participating in every way.  

Some high points of the day were, a group of people singing jingle bells with a kid, hanging out as a team and laughing.  This kid loves to sing and pretend to play instruments, but usually he is over in a corner doing it by himself.  Today, however, a whole bunch of interns and team members sang along with him.  I personally did not get to see that joy in his face, but I would have loved to.  And after VBS we were told to just relax and not do much work.  Many people took a nap, (including me).  But after I woke up I came down and sat and talked with a few team members.  Stephen would play the guitar and Joe would sing improv.  The stuff he came up with was hysterical.  

Of course we had some low points.  There was some conflict, which I will not talk about here, but I can say that it was resolved and apologies were given and received.  And there is always the problem of a lack of sleep.  Making sure we are well rested as well as one top of our work.  We take naps almost anytime we can and waking us up is a challenge (this morning I had to throw a towel in Isaac's face to wake him up).  But regardless of these minor challenges we still are enjoying our time and our witness to the town people."

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